President’s Message

Dear Neighbors,

In talking to a friend who has been president of numerous organizations, she mentioned when looking for ideas for the monthly newsletter article she would look at previous year’s articles from that month. So I discovered the following article which was so good, I decided to use it in its’ entirety. Thank you Bill Stevens NANA President (2010-2012).

“Do you complain to your family, friends or neighbors about criminal activity we have in NA? Do you wonder why things are not done that would improve the neighborhood’s appearance? Do you question why our elected officials seem to act in a manner that does not protect the best interests of NA? A successful neighborhood association does not complain, wonder or question… identifies and jointly acts to remedy and solve areas of concern.

Now comes the biggest questions of all…are you willing to personally become involved with helping NANA do what you would like to see happen in our community? Are you willing to give some of your time voluntarily and actively serve on the Board and Committees and to participate in projects that can get the things done that you want to happen? There is much talent and leadership ability in NA. We need people to “step up to the plate.” Without the citizens of NA accepting leadership roles, our community will not prosper and be seen by others as “Cincinnati’s Best Address.”

I realize that many have time constraints of family, work and personal hardships. But, all can help in some fashion if you truly want to make some contribution. Some of the tasks needed to help NANA can be done from your home….like making phone calls or writing letters to our Police Department and City Council members. Writing notes and articles for the newsletter would be a wonderful contribution. Or, you can serve NANA by helping to plan events or providing your ideas for action plans that can result in community betterment. Your input is sincerely needed to help your community! Simply coming to the monthly NANA GENERAL MEETING that lasts for no more than an hour and a half provides a forum for you to get involved.

All must take being a member of NANA seriously! If we do not, who should we blame for the goals of NA not being met?

Think long and hard about serving actively in NANA. If you really care about our North Avondale, step up and be recognized. NANA needs you!………..Bill Stevens”

Thank you to Bill for writing something so relevant today.

Happy St Patrick’s Day and remember Dairy Queen in St Bernard opens March 1. Spring must be right around the corner!

       Heather Herr


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