Dear neighbors,

It looks like we might as well settle in with the winter weather this month, given the new round of snow which arrived this week. Even if the snow removal is a problem, there are some bright sides. I see we have a number of new resident snowmen in the neighborhood, and the kids are having fun sled-riding in Avon fields. I even observed a neighbor cross country skiing the other day. Better to enjoy the winter since we cannot escape it!

At our February general meeting, we reviewed the calendar and key events for NANA in 2015. There is a lot of great activity happening … block-watch and safety, beautification, business district grants and development, property code, zoning, etc., and we had some new volunteers joining our committees. Thank you! As spring is approaching, we hope to get even more of you out to support beautification and other improvement initiatives in our neighborhood, small or large. I would also like to mention that there are a number of small things being worked behind the scenes on a daily basis … we are trying to resolve with the city and DOTE on how to repair the deteriorating flower pot pillar on the corner of Mitchell and Red Bud, damaged this winter (see picture). NANA has also been following up on complaints around the late street snow removal, and also the missing flower pot on Reading road. Thanks to all of you working this, and in particular to Carolyn, Maura, Beth and Marvin for staying on top of these issues.

At the March general meeting next week, we will form the NANA nominating committee. This committee identifies and recommends candidates for the NANA open board positions for the election at our annual meeting in May. Please consider volunteering for being part of the nominating committee … and obviously also consider becoming a candidate for the board.

In the meantime, please visit our website for general info, committee updates, and to pay your NANA dues online.

Stay safe and warm!

Hanne Loken Larsen


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