Education/Rental Housing

The Rental Housing/Education committee in an effort to inform the community on important social issues, has provided the following information.

Understanding Transgender Issues

It is disturbing and hard to understand the recent news of transgender young people feeling suicidal. This is one of those topics about which most people don’t want to talk or think about. Instead words are used based on fear and misinformation, causing wounds in the people that are struggling with these issues. One never knows when their words might be repeated and be part of the distress that a child experiences, contributing to suicidal thoughts. No caring person wants that to happen. There is help in understanding these confusing issues and teaching children to respect others who are different:

Website for HTWG, the Heartland Trans Wellness Group, which is Cincinnati based. Clicking on Resources, then Educational Materials there is ample information, including terms and pronouns.

Enquirer – Sunday, February 22nd, front page, A section – An article on Raising Zay

Children’s Hospital – An 18 month old clinic serves more than 130 young people. At first it was opened one day a month, it is now expanded to 6 days a month.

Pauline Daly 


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