Pedestrian Safety Committee (PSC)

The Pedestrian Safety Committee (PSC) has been very busy over the past few months and has taken its role in North Avondale’s redevelopment very seriously. We have been focusing and will continue to focus for much of this year on vehicular traffic-calming amenities throughout our neighborhood but with a particular focus for much of this year on Reading Road between Clinton Springs and Paddock. This is absolutely necessary to ensure that our community remains a diverse, historic community that is welcoming to everyone no matter how they get around or whatever stage of life in which they happen to be. We want North Avondale to be a place where our children can safely walk to school and a place where our long-time residents can age in place should they so choose.

After an initial meeting with the city’s Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE) and Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) back in October, we’ve had a few follow-up meetings to discuss our community’s vision for the neighborhood business district (NBD). What has become clear throughout all of these meetings is that while DOTE, DCED, and NANA all desire to see the NBD strengthened and the vacant lot developed, each has very different perspectives on how best to achieve this. In particular, the intersection of Reading and Paddock is now in their crosshairs for a much-needed reconfiguration to increase site access. To this date, only one alternative has been presented to us so we will continue to work with the city and community organizations to develop additional alternatives that are more conducive to pedestrian-oriented, multi-use development.

Due to the new-found urgency of this, the PSC will be working very closely with the RFP committee over the next few months to ensure that whatever changes are proposed actually incorporate genuine community input and do not jeopardize the pedestrian-friendliness of any part of our NBD. We will also be engaging the city’s Department of City Planning and the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Planning for additional input. I encourage anyone with questions or ideas to please reach out to me personally.

David Emery, Chair


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