Master Plan Update:  Members of our Master Plan Update Committee met with City of Cincinnati representatives to kick-off the process of updating North Avondale’s Master Plan, which will help guide development. One of the first steps in this process is developing a Steering Committee with representation from residents, businesses and community assets/partners (such as Xavier University, the Police Department, etc.). If you have any suggestions for the Planning Steering Committee (which should contain ~10-20 individuals) and/or would like to be involved in the Master Plan Update Committee, email me at .

Additionally, there are many fruitful conversations occurring on Nextdoor North Avondale under the post by Jack Wolking Great Article on North Avondale (mentioned in next column). To offer insights into other development ideas, please add them to the conversation chain and stay engaged in the future of North Avondale! Thank you.

Ian Smith, Chair, Master Plan Update Committee

3864 Reading—Rubel House: Attention interested parties in helping us restore the Rubel House (designed by renowned architect Samuel Hannaford). We are looking for Structural Engineers specializing in historic properties who would provide a “Work Plan” to stabilize this property, preferably as in in-kind donation (partial discount or otherwise)  to NANA (501(c) 3 charitable donation), please contact Maura and Tiffani at .

Tiffani N. Tribble and Maura Wolf, Co-Chairs


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