Master Plan Update: Members of our Master Plan Update Committee met to develop a Steering Committee with representation from residents, businesses and community assets/partners (such as Xavier University, the Police Department, etc.) If you would like to be involved in the Master Plan Update Committee, please contact me at .

Ian Smith, Chair, Master Plan Update Committee

3864 Reading- Rubel Property: Attention: we plan to request proposals for redevelopment of The Rubel  (3864 Reading), designed by renowned architect Samuel Hannaford. Contact us if you are interested at nanacincinnati@gmail.  We are working with the Landbank and the City on this property, not only because it is historically significant, but also because it is in our Business District and eligible for grant funding for a business location.  Remediating this blighted property is a significant step in revitalizing our business district and improving the gateway to our neighborhood.  We thank Ed Cunningham, Division Manager Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Division for the City for stabilizing the front porch and securing the property. We are currently working with Structural Engineers to provide a work plan, including cost estimates.  (see picture on page 8)

2-acre City-owned Vacant Lot redevelopment at Reading and Paddock:  The City is in the process of drafting an RFP (Request for Proposals) for developers.  Many thanks to Council Member Smitherman for sponsoring the $750,000 gap funding for development of the site, and to all of you who advocated to City Council, to support the project.

Traffic Study and Street Calming: Ken Brawner and Yvonne Fender are the point people for the Vine Street traffic study work with the City’s Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE). This was approved at last month’s General Body Meeting.

Spring 3-season banners along Reading Road and Clinton Springs will be spruced up and re-installed funded by NABA, through City of Cincinnati Neighborhood Support Funds. Many thanks to Vanessa Sorensen and Amy Harten for design work, and to Jennifer Cronk who will help manage the project.

Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program (NBDIP): Grant Pre-applications were submitted by the due date; final written applications are due 4/21/17. Many thanks to Mary Patton who has volunteered to lead the grant submission process. As this is a rewarding, but time intensive process, please consider volunteering to help with NA’s submission(s). We welcome your ideas!

All of the above projects will benefit from participation from NANA members to maximize community success. Please volunteer by contacting  us at

You can make a difference!

Tiffani N. Tribble and Maura Wolf, Co-Chairs


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