Master Plan Update: Do you have ideas on how to improve our community? Join us during the annual meeting to start the process of updating the NA master plan with City of Cincinnati Department of Planning representative Stacey Hoffman. Our Steering Committee is forming with representation from residents, businesses and community assets/partners (such as Xavier University, the Police Department, etc.) If you would like to participate in the Master Plan Update Committee, and can’t come to the Annual Meeting, please contact me at .

Ian Smith, Chair, Master Plan Update Committee

3864 Reading – Rubel Property: NANA/NABA/CNBDU (Cincinnati Neighborhood Business District United) voted unanimously to re-purpose $30,000 in grant funding to help stabilize this historically significant property. The Rubel Property was designed by renowned architect Samuel Hannaford. Located in our Business District, it is eligible for grant funding for a business or mixed-use (residential/offices/business). With the $30,000 re-purpose of NANA/NABA’s grant funding to the Landbank, they agree to retain title, stabilize the property, and to consult with NANA/NABA on the sale and redevelopment of the property. ATTN: Contact us if you are interested at . We thank Ed Cunningham of Building and Inspections, Megan Meyer and Susan Thomas of the Port Authority/Landbank, and SSRG (Structural Systems Repair Group) for providing bids for stabilization.

2-acre City-Owned Vacant Lot Redevelopment at Reading and Paddock: The City informed us that they are postponing drafting and releasing an RFP (Request for Proposals) for developers until 9/2017. We are consulting with Councilmember Christopher Smitherman (who sponsored the $750,000 gap funding for site development) to see if he can help expedite the process.

North Avondale Gateway Sign at the Dana Triangle: NANA voted unanimously to approve the sign design and location, with an autumn 2017 target completion date. Many thanks to our Gateway team: Richard Jackson, Mary Piper, Hanne Loken Larsen, J Miles Wolf, Amy Harten, and City of Cincinnati DOTE representatives Laura Martin and Jeff Stein.

Traffic Calming: at the intersection of Reading and Paddock Roads and along Reading was submitted as an NBDIP grant request. (see below) Michael Moore, Director, City DOTE Department indicated a traffic study at the intersection of Mitchell and Vine is on the City’s “to-do” list. Contact Ken Brawner for questions.

Spring 3-season Banners Along Reading Road and Clinton Springs were spruced up and re-installed and funded by NABA, through City of Cincinnati Neighborhood Business District Support Funds.  Many thanks to Jennifer Cronk who helped manage the project.

Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program (NBDIP): We are excited to report that applications were submitted by the due date, 4/21/17, for Traffic Calming Designs and Façade Improvements, both safety enhancement projects. Many thanks to Michael Caporale, Bryant Walker, and Julie Zimmerman who helped write and submit the requests. Also, special thanks to Michelle Baxter and CPD Captain Mack, District Four Commander, and Autumn Morris for supplying the necessary traffic accident information. Thank you to all those supporting the applications, including NANA, President Marvin Masterson, NABA, President Michael Caporale, (who each provided letters of support), co-Chair Tiffani N. Tribble, NABA Trustee Mary Patton and all of the many businesses and community partners. Last, but not least, thank you to J Miles Wolf for donating photography services.

All of the above projects will benefit from participation from NANA members to maximize community success. Please consider volunteering by contacting us at . You can make a difference!

Tiffani N. Tribble and Maura Wolf, Co-Chairs Strategic Development Committee



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