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North Avondale Business Association

We represent the official interests of all North Avondale businesses to the City of Cincinnati and act as a pooled knowledge source for the small business owners of the neighborhood.

With over 30 member businesses and growing, we’re showing that North Avondale is a great place to establish and grow your business.

The North Avondale Business Association is dedicated to promoting the commercial development of historic North Avondale. We work with NANA and the City of Cincinnati to make North Avondale a great place to live and work.


Business District Projects

Seasonal Banners

The North Avondale Business Association places seasonal banners throughout our business district along Reading Road, Paddock Road and Clinton Springs. We maintain these banners to beautify our business district and the neighborhood of North Avondale. 

Gateway Sign

NABA worked with the City of Cincinnati to obtain a grant and build a custom Gateway Sign in the Dana Triangle at Victory Parkway in 2017. The stone base and strong graphics welcomes thousands of visitors to North Avondale every day. This greenspace has been maintained for years by volunteer North Avondale gardeners. 

Beautification projects

Community meetings and community engagement sessions

Business District photographs

Contact NABA – naba93574@gmail.com