About NABA

The North Avondale Business Association (NABA) is dedicated to promoting the commercial development of historic North Avondale. NABA is a place for local business owner’s and manager’s to network, communicate and collaborate for the betterment of all it’s members.

We represent the official interests of all North Avondale businesses to the City of Cincinnati and act as a pooled knowledge source for the small business owners of the neighborhood. Our members include retail storefronts, service companies and home-based businesses in North Avondale.

Connecting North Avondale Businesses – Individually our businesses may not be heard, together we have a voice at City Hall to make sure North Avondale businesses move forward.

Communicate with other businesses through regular meetings. Meetings are quarterly at the NA Rec Center or at members businesses or homes. Let us help you communicate with other businesses and the City of Cincinnati.

2022 NABA meeting