Many people have been asking questions regarding the status of the development of the vacant lot by Paddock and Reading Roads. Late last year, NANA and NABA formed a joint committee that worked with the city to draft the RFP that was used to solicit developers in January. That search did not produce any offers, but we learned a lot about what developers want and any issues that they may have with the property and we are working to improve and eliminate these problems, perhaps and most likely through an RFQ.

Working with the city’s department of economic development, we are currently engaged in developing a plan to revise the intersection at Paddock and Reading to allow left and right turns from both Paddock and Barry Lane and to calm traffic along Reading Road. This plan will make access to the lot easier for the future businesses that may locate there.

Additionally the condition of the Lenox building has been a strong deterrent to a developer. Recently the building was closed for safety and code violations and the owner is making repairs and improvements to the building while developing a business plan to revitalize the property and possibly partner with and develop it with any potential developer for the vacant lot.

The various businesses that were located in the Lenox have been evicted and the car repairs and motorcycle maintenance that was once being conducted there has stopped and the consequences are no longer polluting our streets in the form of litter, inoperable junk vehicles stored on our neighborhood streets and repeated loud noise from motorcycles headquartered there.  Also the “nightclub,” “Tha HQ” operating illegally as a “convenience store” while promoting liquor sales, strippers, tattoos, teen nights, 420 (code for marijuana) hookah parties and “ladies on ladies” entertainment has ceased to operate there after being busted by the police. All a vast improvement.

Michael Caporale, President

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