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Art can also be armor in the brutal space of war.

To support Ukraine, Clara Harkavy (Betula), artist, painting researcher, and inventor of her own style of drip art, is organizing the event “THE ART OF PERSEVERANCE – UKRAINE”. This is an exhibition of paintings by ten artists that will last for three weeks to raise money for the needs of Ukrainian citizens.

For a year and more than 7 months, Ukraine has been resisting Russian aggression on its land and courageously liberating the occupied territories. Although the forces of the armies are unequal, it is precisely thanks to the support of the world that Ukrainians have something to defend their home. Supporting the Second Front – the rear, even if it is across the ocean, is valuable because it strengthens the most important thing – the morale of Ukrainians. At the same time, artists add deep meaning to this with their creative work.

To make the artistic event more effective for the sake of reliable and immediate assistance, the artists teamed up with the charity organization Help Heroes of Ukraine, which was founded in Chicago at the beginning of the war. To date, the fund has delivered $61 million worth of aid (humanitarian, military, medical, etc.) to Ukraine. As a result, Help Heroes of Ukraine took 1st place in the “Help from abroad” nomination at the “Charity Ukraine” competition.

The funds collected at the exhibition will go to their destination as quickly as possible. Join the campaign! After all, art saves not only people’s souls, now it saves the lives of Ukrainians.

Exhibition Opening – November 2, 2023, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM (ET)
Location – 5481 Creek Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

The exhibition ends November 23.

Sponsors: Harkavy Properties, Anonymous donors, The Homan Family, The Machell Family

Participating artists: Cedric M. Cox, Sara Mulhauser, Richard Luschek, Paul Menchhofer, Antonio Adams, Lorena Ruiz, Pam Kravitz, Brea Howard-Dage, Ethan Machell, Clara Harkavy, Mundy Williams, Tony Lipps, and Pangaea International

Contact Information:
Clara Harkavy

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