¬öCongratulations to Jim Obergefell who led the lawsuit about gay marriage that just become one of the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic decisions.


Jim and his husband John Arthur lived in N.A. on Betula Ave. (1999-2008). While living here they were very active in the neighborhood. Jim served on the NANA Board (2001-2003) first as Recording Secretary and then as President of NANA. John served on the NANA Board (2003-2005) as Corresponding Secretary and also led the group through visioning and board training sessions.¬† In his fight for LGBT legal rights and equality, Jim reflects the spirit of “civic passion” that is part of NANA’s mission statement which John helped NANA formulate.

To learn more about Jim & John’s role in this historic event: Cincinnati Enquirer, ABC News, Washington Post,


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