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[2nd] Connected Communities response: Jim Miller, Beechwood Avenue

To: Mayor Aftab Pureval, Vice Mayor Kearney, President Pro Tempore Parks, Councilmember Albi, Councilmember Cramerding, Councilmember Harris, Councilmember Jeffreys, Councilmember Johnson, Councilmember Owens, and Councilmember Walsh –

As a longtime (42 year) resident of the city of Cincinnati, I object to the proposed Connected Communities legislation regarding zoning ordinances and have serious concerns about the impact of these zoning changes on a neighborhood like North Avondale, where I have been a homeowner for nearly 39 years. 

My objection is based on the lack of real engagement and honest discussion with residents and communities about this large and impactful legislation. 

I believe the short timeline for approval of this legislation has prevented residents and communities from engaging with the city and addressing and resolving their concerns about the ordinance. 

Finally, I am concerned about how the proposed ordinance changes will affect residents, communities, and the city overall, and am particularly concerned about the impact of allowing multi-unit residential buildings with no setback limits and no parking to be built along the streets of the historic and beautiful North Avondale neighborhood.

In summary, I therefore request that you do not vote to approve the Connected Communities ordinance as written at this time.


Jim Miller

Beechwood Avenue / North Avondale

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