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Adopt a Flower Pot Program

A new year is here and the North Avondale Neighborhood (NANA) and Business Associations (NABA) are very excited to partner again with Cincinnati Parks on maintenance of the Reading Road flower pots. Cincinnati Parks has a history of creating some fabulous pots as evidenced by their beauty through the seasons last year.

The City of Cincinnati provides half of the funding to Cincinnati Parks to maintain these flower pots. The program supports three seasonal displays and on-going maintenance (including multiple weekly waterings).  Parks will replace damaged or stolen plants free of charge – which unfortunately does occur.

In order to cover the other half of the costs that the City does not, we are asking for private donations from the generous residents and businesses of North Avondale.  This year, donations are needed more than ever to sustain the program for our neighborhood due to rising costs in materials and supplies.

Why should you consider donating to Adopt a Flower Pot?  

  • The presence of the flower pots is a welcome to our neighborhood along its most visible thoroughfare, Reading Road.
  • Sponsoring or adopting a pot shows the civic passion evident throughout our community, known for being Cincinnati’s Best Address.
  • The seasonal change of the pots, well kept appearance and design show that our neighborhood cares and respects the beauty of our community.
  • Your donation is tax deductible and will be used solely for the upkeep and maintenance of the pots.

It’s a tall order to raise the funds but we know that North Avondale will be generous as always because we live in the finest Cincinnati neighborhood!! 

Thank you for your support.

Jennifer Harten and Bridget McComas on behalf of NANA Beautification Committee

26 flower pots line Reading Road which are changed seasonally and maintained by the City of Cincinnati.

New this year!

Adopt a Flower Pot Program, consideration for businesses or family groups:
$250 per pot

Make your commitment to the beautification of Cincinnati’s best address.

Donate online at https://northavondalecincinnati.com/donate/

Indicate Beautification, then flower pots as a designation

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