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Around the Neighborhood: November 2020

I’d like to share how fun and easy it is to participate in Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s “Adopt-a-Spot” program. You select the area you’d like to keep cleaned up–it could be a small one, like your own street or part of a park. You commit to cleaning it up once a month (any more is up to you). KCB provides you with gloves, buckets, bags, pickers–you name it! And they will even put up a sign thanking you for adopting the spot!

This photo shows my young family members Zuri and Jasper after one of our “pick ‘n’ strolls.” You can find details about the Adopt-a-Spot program at keepcincinnatibeautiful.org/programs/great-american-cleanup/adopt-a-spot.html 

Laurie Pike (Warwick)


Under the City Municipal Code, raking leaves into the street or right-of-way is prohibited and is PUNISHABLE BY LAW.

  • Please compost yard waste at home whenever possible.
  • Your yard waste is collected every other week on your recycling day.
  • Make sure to put it in a separately marked container or the special paper bags.
  • Also this is a good time trim hedges and plants that have grown out over the sidewalks making it difficult to walk safely and easily.

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