Author: Carolyn Gillman

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Law & Safety: Dickson Avenue traffic study

● Speeding Cars On Dickson Avenue NANA worked with the City of Cincinnati’s Department of Transportation & Engineering in an effort to reduce the speed at which cars are traveling on Dickson Avenue. The Department of Transportation & Engineering completed a traffic study and has determined that a 3-way stop at Dickson […]

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Law & Safety: Summer 2022

North Avondale’s new neighborhood officer is Trent Crutcher. He will be starting July 11th. Officer Crutcher brings a wealth of knowledge with many years of experience.  He will attend the next North Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting to introduce himself. His contact information is: Officer Trent Crutcher 513.569.8649 Carolyn Gillman, […]

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Community Problem Oriented Policing: April 2022

The City of Cincinnati is offering Community Problem Oriented Policing (CPOP) and SARA training for community members. CPOP and SARA are valuable problem-solving methods that can be utilized in community work, grant applications such as the Safe & Clean grant program, place-based problem-solving projects, and community/police relations. This free training […]

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Law & Safety: October 2021

Excavation at 500 Camden (off of Washington) has ceased. They must seek a building permit for excavation and fill. Owners did say their plan is to eventually build houses here, at this point they have not moved any further in discussion with the city on seeking building permits or subdivision of the land so […]

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Law & Safety: Summer 2021

Update: Regarding the new All Stop at Clinton Springs and E. Mitchell. The order to have the street painted STOP has been sent to the Public Service Dept. Unfortunately, they are short-staffed and have a backlog of work to complete. The custom message board is also taking longer than expected. I apologize for […]