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Beautification – Garden season close celebration: Dec 2022

A beautiful autumn Saturday, October 15, found the NANA Garden Captains and Co-captains celebrating the close of the gardening season on the front terrace of Jolene Strubbe’s home. Jolene Strubbe, NANA Beautification Chair and Judy Evans, NANA Community Gardens Chair, hosted a celebratory luncheon, the first of what we hope will become an annual event, for the NANA volunteer garden captains.

A delicious lunch was served of Dorothy Lane Market’s Classic Chicken salad on Boston lettuce and tomato, Farmhouse rolls and assorted breads, fruit salad, and a variety of pumpkin, lemon, strawberry and carrot cake Bundtinis. 

David Boutelle and Christyl Johnson-Roberts of Cincinnati Parks gave a short presentation on the role of Cincinnati parks in the Beautification of Cincinnati Neighborhoods, which includes North Avondale. Several of our community gardens are Cincinnati Parks property, including Seasongood Square, Victory Parkway/Dana Triangle, and Marion Park.

Our gardeners were gifted small favors of species crocus to plant in their yards, so if you see a small area of lilac crocuses blooming in a yard this spring, you’ll know these are our NANA Garden captains. 

We would love to have you join us for our luncheon next year – we would like to make it even bigger, so please volunteer to be a NANA Garden Captain or co-captain for 2023 by contacting nanacincinnati@adnielsen77gmail-com

Pictured above:
Front row: 
Judy Evans – NANA Community Garden Chair; Charlene Morse – Kessler Memorial; Christyl Johnson-Roberts – Cincinnati Parks; Terri Byczkowski – Washington Triangle.
Second row:
Dave Boutelle – Cincinnati Parks; Ann Wong – Seasongood Square; Sarah Koucky – Seasongood Square; Susan Kenford – Marion Park
Back row:
Jolene Struebbe – NANA Beautification Chair; Emily Harten – Seasongood Square; Mary Piper – Victory/Dana Triangl; Megan Rothe – Washington Triangle.
Missing from photo and luncheon: 
Beth Ewing – Pamela Smitherman garden; Carolyn Gillman – North Avondale sign; Rob Lewis – Dana Roundabout, Marion Southeast, Circle garden at Seasongood Park. 

Jolene Strubbe, NANA Beautification Chair
Judy Evans, NANA Community Gardens Chair

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