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Beatification: September 2020

Thank you to all the NANA neighbors who came out to help garden at the Seasongood Square gardens and the Marion Triangle garden this summer. We did some desperately needed clean up and mulching. Thank you to Tom and Mary Beth Ottke, Stacy and Josh Tilford, Teresa Harten, Camille Jones, Maura and J. Miles Wolf for coming out to help weed and mulch.

This fall we will be working with Xavier student volunteers on gardening and general clean up. The students are from the Xavier University X-Change weekly service program. That program connects small groups of 6-10 students for 1-2 hours of service each week over the course of about 9 weeks for meaningful service in the Cincinnati community. The NANA plan is a work in process but includes fall planting and clean-up of our neighborhood gardens. This will also include planting the flower pots with lovely fall flowers. We hope some of you will volunteer to work with the students in our neighborhood.

In addition to the Xavier student volunteers, we have a few gardens in the neighborhood that need attention and tender loving care. We continue to need neighbors who like to play in the dirt to come and join our gardening team. There is a small round garden with a few rose bushes in Seasongood Square

and another garden in the Marion Triangle near the tree recently dedicated to past NANA President Marvin Masterson.

The Washington Triangle garden, near North Avondale school also needs a few gardeners.

With your help and dedication, we can continue to improve our beautiful neighborhood. Please email me at Kouckys@gmail.com if you would like to join the team.

Sarah Koucky (Rose Hill Ave.)

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