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Beautification: March 2020

Hello Spring, Hello North Avondale Neighbors!

The daffodils are breaking through and preparing for a colorful show. We wanted to share the news about a new garden at the northwest corner of Seasongood Square.  The center piece is an Okame Cherry tree from the Cincinnati Releaf program, along with a few spirea bushes and iris bulbs. Members of the Cincinnati Park Board helped with the installation and were invaluable. Thank you to Jim Burkhardt, Rich, Barry and Lou Sands. These park board members were so knowledgeable and enthusiastic; we couldn’t have completed the project without them.  Emily Harten and Tim Franklin helped as well. Everyone pitched in and dug holes, filled them with fertilizer, dirt and watered with root stimulator. Spring will be here soon and we can all enjoy the new garden. 

We invite neighbors who like to play in the dirt to come and join our gardening team for Seasongood Square.  We have two additional gardens that need attention and tender loving care. There is a small round garden with a few rose bushes in Seasongood Square and another garden in the Marion triangle near the tree recently dedicated to past NANA President Marvin Masterson. We are considering a natural habitat garden in the Marion Triangle garden.  Most of the fun is gardening together on Wednesday mornings, but we can be flexible and switch to Saturday or Sunday. With your help and dedication, we can continue to improve our beautiful neighborhood. Please email me at Kouckys@gmail.com if you would like to join the team.

By: Sarah Koucky, Rose Hill Ave.

Neighborhood Flower Pots

We are taking donations for 2020 to pay the Parks to maintain the flower pots along Reading Road. You can make a donation on line at: northavondalecincinnati.com/donate/ and check Other and put: flower pots or you can mail a donation to: NANA, 617 Clinton Springs Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229, ATTN: Beautification.

Please consider helping with a tax deductible donation so we can continue making our neighborhood beautiful! Thank you! 

NANA Beautification Team

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