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Beautification: Nov 2022

In this month of giving thanks we want to highlight the garden captains who have maintained our community gardens for the past year, adding so much to the beautification of our North Avondale community. We are extremely thankful for their year long commitment to our gardens.

When you see these volunteers, please take time to thank them for their service to our community:

Dana / Victory Parkway TriangleMary Piper, garden captain
Dana RoundaboutRob Lewis, garden captain
North Avondale SignCarolyn Gillman, garden
Marion ParkSusan Kenford, garden captain
Marion SoutheastRob Lewis, garden captain
Seasongood SquareSarah Koucky, garden captain
Ann Wong and Emily Harten – co-captains
Seasongood CircleRob Lewis, garden captain
Smitherman bench at Rec CenterBeth Ewing, garden captain
Kessler Memorial at North Avondale SchoolCharlene Morse, garden captain
Washington Triangle Terri Byczkowski and Megan Rothe garden co-captains

Stay tuned next month to learn about our wonderful fall luncheon celebrating our garden captains. 

If you are interested in helping our garden captains in 2023 please contact nanacincinnati@gmail.com.  We would love to have your help in the coming year.

Judy Evans, NANA Community Gardens Chair

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