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Brick Gardens: Bringing fresh food to urban food deserts

I met Dominique Peebles when we were both buying tomato plants at Funke’s Greenhouses. He seemed to be buying quite a few and so I asked him what he was going to do with all those tomato plants. It turned out to be quite an interesting story. We met later at one of his Brick Gardens on the Xavier campus.

Brick Gardens is a local nonprofit organization with the following mission statement: “Brick Gardens work to combat food insecurity by converting vacant land and buildings into urban farms and indoor vertical farm houses, providing fresh healthy produce to areas of Cincinnati considered food deserts.”

Most of the Brick Gardens in the city provide plots for local people to produce their own crops including the plots at Xavier University. I told Dominique about the unused greenhouse and raised beds at North Avondale Montessori School and he was very interested in seeing if these could be made available for community use and for the Brick Gardens educational programs. I believe this would be an exciting and healthy addition to our community if he is able to bring this space into use.

You can find out more at: https://www.brickgardens.com/

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