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Committee Updates: April 2020


2020-2021 NANA Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee comprised of: Chair Patrice Watson (Avon Fields Pl), Carolyn Gillman (Red Bud), John Jones (Marion), Ethan Perry (Wedgewood), Laura Pike (Warwick), Maura Wolf (Lenox Pl) is gathering names for the 2020/2021 slate of elected officers for the North Avondale Neighborhood Association. If you have any suggestions or are interested in getting more involved with your neighborhood and having fun while you do it, this is your chance! Please direct any inquiries to patricewatson10@gmail.com. or call the NANA answering machine at 401.4546.

Serving on the NANA Board is a great way to give back to your community and help in making our community grow and thrive like we envision. You can make a difference!


Neighborhood Flower Pots

We are taking donations for 2020 to pay the Parks to maintain the flower pots along Reading Road. You can make a donation on line at: northavondalecincinnati.com/donate/ and check Other and put: flower pots or you can mail a donation to: NANA, 617 Clinton Springs Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229, ATTN: Beautification.

Please consider helping with a tax deductible donation so we can continue making our neighborhood beautiful! Thank you! 

NANA Beautification Team


COVID-19 UPDATES The Cincinnati Health Department continues to ask people who think they have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing) to call their primary care doctor, or call the city’s Hotline: (513) 357.7462. Please make the phone call first before going to any in-person office or clinic.


  • ncov2019.live for what is statistically going on around the world.
  • womenofcincy.org is a great resource of information for help and assistance.

Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison

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