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NANA is opening up the NANA Board member search

NANA is gathering names for the Nominating Committee in search of the 2023/2024 slate of elected officers for the North Avondale Neighborhood Association. The NANA nominating committee invites any board member prospects who will reflect the diversity of our neighborhood and be willing to represent and serve the large geographic footprint of the community. New board members will be elected at the May 2023 General Meeting with service beginning in June. For more information about serving as an officer, visit the NANA by-laws here.

We are looking for residents or North Avondale business owners that want to get involved and give back to our community. In 2022, NANA focused on Zoning, Law and Safety and, of course, Beautification. In 2023, we are looking for a few neighbors who might want to work with college and high school students that are interested in volunteer hours. You can build your own program, but leaning towards, programs that could possibly include tutoring at NAM, assistant coaches, planting trees and gardening, litter patrol and other types of community outreach. We are looking for neighbors that are interested in getting involved a few hours a week. That is all it takes.

If you are personally interested in serving or would like to nominate someone, there are multiple ways to let the committee know:

  1. Make a suggestion in person: Attend the March or April NANA General Meeting.
  2. Leave a suggestion with your name and number on the NANA voice mail at 513.401.4546
  3. Send a suggestion via email: nanacincinnati@gmail.com.

Serving on the NANA Board is a great way to give back to your community and help our community grow and thrive. Your service will make a difference.

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