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Connected Communities response: Maura H. Wolf, Lenox Avenue

Dear City of Cincinnati Council Members,

I urge you to vote NO today on the Connected Communities’ zoning legislation because several of the community leaders, who are now part of the quickly growing “Coalition for a Better Cincinnati” (CBC), have many concerns that have not been addressed by City leaders.

For one of the major concerns, I’m providing more information regarding my testimony yesterday at the EGH committee re: the city-wide HUD complaint and the secret $10 million HUD grant applied for this past fall that specifies Avondale as the pilot neighborhood.

We have been told that either way HUD rules, the attorneys involved are prepared to bring a federal discrimination lawsuit.  We feel the changes to the zoning code will cause further segregation in the city, especially in Avondale, and expose the city to potential further litigation.

Please review my comments to Councilmember Harris regarding the input he requested on the  Five-Year Estimates of Housing Unit Production Report of 3/10/2022  (For years 2017-2021), and email correspondence since that time.

Also, note we just received an email that the City has no reliable data for housing unit production for the year 2022, which we find very odd if we’re in a housing crisis.  

Since 1/10/23 -5/15/24, net unit housing production increased 1,409 units (Housing Units Dashboard: https://insights.cincinnati-oh.gov/stories/s/2rpa-tuj4).  We’re hearing there are several vacancies in the new apartment complexes, and I see NOW LEASING signs, and houses sitting on the market longer.  Why don’t we have updated data before you make this decision?

Resources and references:

1) My comments on behalf of NANA sent to Councilmember Harris on 4/8/22

2) Email Correspondence with Council Member Harris’ office since that time (through 6/4/24)

3) North Avondale’s legal geographic boundaries [MAP] (in NANA’s bylaws since 1961)

4) Five-Year Estimates of Housing Unit Production Report of 3/10/2022

5) Zoning Advisor, Gerry Kraus’ 2nd letter to City Council  (please review)

Housing Units Dashboard: https://insights.cincinnati-oh.gov/stories/s/2rpa-tuj4

Thank you,



Maura H. Wolf

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