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Connected Communities response: Vanessa Wong, Winding Way

I am against Connected Communities (“CC”) and the assertions and representations from the media, City Hall and City Leaders have been shocking. There has not been adequate time to digest the implications of removing single-family zoning protections from targeted areas while preserving this protection for others.  It is unfair and unjust.  

Further, the most dramatically targeted, those “Tier 1 corridors,” have a submarket vacancy above 7%; 5% is considered a “stabilized market.” Removing zoning restrictions to allow developers an easier time to add more inventory to a submarket with excess inventory is not a solution to a problem, it is a gift to developers.  

And the failure to require an affordability component to ALL new projects, but rather rely on those that have a LIHTC component, means only those in low-income areas will have this requirement further concentrating subsidized housing; something for which the city is already being sued.  

Vanessa Wong 

Winding Way

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