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Development: February 2021

NANA/NABA Joint Strategic Development Committee (JSDC) regroups to connect North Avondale with key development organizations

The commercial real estate development process is intricate. North Avondale’s business district, between Clinton Springs Avenue and Paddock Rd. brings further considerations. The North Avondale business district is best described as an urban business district in revitalization phase with architecturally significant buildings situated along the busiest line in the Metro system (according to Better Bus Coalition) and surrounded by a passionate, residential community that has been researching and planning what the neighborhood wants for most of the last decade.

Post 2008, the Cincinnati region has been aggressively improving multiple urban business districts, with capital-infused Over-the-Rhine leading the way. The success of OTR’s revitalization continues to inspire North Avondale nextdoor neighborhoods like Clifton, Norwood, St. Bernard, Avondale, Evanston, Paddock Hills, and Walnut Hills to reinvest in their communities. There is no one ideal community formula for setting up infrastructure to focus on economic development. A typical trio of neighborhood groups includes a community council, a business association, and a community development or community investment corporation.

North Avondale’s business association is NABA, dedicated to building a vibrant business community. The business association has over 40 members and has been the backbone of business district beautification projects like the flower pots with Cincinnati Park Board; the Artwork’s mural, and seasonal banners. In addition, NABA facilitated a North Avondale Urban Planning Workshop; a community survey; restoration of the city-owned lot at the corner of Paddock and Reading Roads, and stabilization of the historic Rupel House, designed by Samuel Hannaford.

View this presentation to catch up on the last decade of NABA’s work invigorating the business district.

Developing the Cornerstone NBD City-owned Lot at Paddock and Reading North Avondale

The North Avondale version of a community council is NANA, the North Avondale Neighborhood Association. This is a group of committed citizens dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of life in the neighborhood celebrating its 60th year in 2021.

What North Avondale has lacked is a dedicated development group that can act as a bridge between the community and key development organizations like The Port, SORTA/Metro, and Cincinnati City Planning. To make it more streamlined to do business around development opportunities, challenges and concerns, NANA and NABA have authorized the Joint Strategic Development Committee (JSDC) as an aligned voice and point of contact for the North Avondale neighborhood in communications with these key groups. The JSDC is not a decision making body, but a liaison and advisory committee to facilitate communication between business and residential organizations and outside organizations.

Jeff Herr, of Betula Avenue, will serve as Chairperson of the JSDC. Beth Ewing, of Winding Way, will serve as Vice Chairperson. To date, Jeff and Beth have met with members from The Port to formalize a mutually agreed upon process for prospective buyers to follow for any properties held in the Landbank including the Rupel House property. At the January JSDC committee meeting, Jeff and Beth walked through the proposed multi-step process to gather feedback and answer questions. Next, they go back to the Port to confirm the process.

The Joint Strategic Development Committee includes 6 NABA members — President Mike Caporale, VP David Emery, Secretary Maura Wolf plus Tim Harkavy, Heather Herr and Pamela Winston — and 5 members of NANA — President Ethan Perry, 1st VP Heather Herr, 3rd VP Patrice Watson, Recording Secretary Morgan Rottinghaus and Law and Safety Chairman Carolyn Gillman. In addition, the following people have volunteered to serve on the committee including Andrew Beiting, Mary Beth Ottke, Tina Dyehouse, Amy Harten, Teresa Harten, John Jones, Hanne Larsen, Doug Louder, Geoff Milz, Brian Mitchell, Shannon Monti, Rocco Rossi, Jay Rottinghaus, Rick Ruehlmann, Brynn Walden, Jocelyn Williams, Wendi Wilson, Vanessa Wong, and Amy Yosmali. The JSDC is honored to have so many talented members of the community join together to assist in the transformation of the business district. Multiple sub-committees are being formed.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more, please contact nana@northavondalecincinnati.com and Beth Ewing will reply. The JSDC meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Jeff Herr Chair & Beth Ewing Co-chair

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