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Drum lessons from a pro right in the neighborhood

Want to learn how to play the drums from a professional? You’re in luck! Touring and recording artist Josiah Wolf just moved into the neighborhood. His home studio is located in St. Bernard only a couple blocks from North Avondale. He is currently accepting students of all ages and levels.

Josiah has played drums since he was a young child, learning the basics from his father, and later studying with many teachers including the legendary John Von Ohlen and Ari Hoenig. He is a Walnut Hills graduate and holds a Bachelor of Music degree (1999) from the College Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati. Since then, his career has brought him to live in NYC and California. He has been settled back in Ohio since 2009. He has recorded over a dozen albums and toured the world several times over with his band WHY? He is also the touring drummer for the bands Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall Trees.

Besides his own musical projects, two other passions of Josiah’s are teaching and astronomy. As a teacher, Josiah has had numerous private students over the years and has seen many of them thrive and find careers in their own bands and projects. As an artist and amateur astronomer, Josiah has received grants for three projects that combine cosmological perspective, education, and music. In particular, One Plutonian Year (part of the MyCincinnati Price Hill Community Festival) saw all of these passions come together in one project. Details about these projects can be found on his website below. 

Essentially, Josiah loves to inspire wonder in others. Whether it’s through music or the night sky, there are cycles happening all around us waiting to be observed. Learning an instrument, and the art of practicing, links us to something much deeper than ourselves and just makes life better and more interesting! 

“If you build it, they will drum.” Currently, Josiah is working on a new project. He has been building customized drums, and preparing to launch group rhythm classes for non-drummers. Much of this idea took shape while on his daily walks through North Avondale. In fact, quite recently, on his walk early one morning, he laughed to himself after saying in his head, “If you build it, they will drum…”. This will not be the official slogan, but keep your eyes out for this unique offering. Aside from teaching and working on musical projects, Josiah can be found around town performing with Cincinnati’s finest jazz musicians. If interested in private lessons, or want to be on the mailing list for group lessons, he can be contacted here:

–  Email: josiahwolf@gmail.com
–  Website: http://www.josiahwolf.com
–  Instagram: @josiahwolf

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