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Events: April 2021

Easter Egg Hunt Kudos

Thank you to all of the families who came out for the First Annual Easter Egg Hunt! A special thanks to everyone who put forth food and drink donations, sponsorship money and their time. We had several people volunteer to hide the Easter Eggs and help set up, which was a huge help! We couldn’t have had this event without our gracious and super fun hosts, Ryan and Jimmy Messer. We look forward to continuing our new North Avondale Easter Tradition next year. 

Upcoming Events & Save The Dates

North Avondale Food Truck Festival – Sunday, May 30th, 2021 4pm – 8pm

No Plans Memorial Day Weekend? Save the date because we have something special planned for you! We would like to invite all of the North Avondale and surrounding community families out for our very own Food Truck Festival. We will feature varieties of dinner food, dessert and drinks for adults and children of all ages.

We are looking for additional food or drink trucks that would be interested. We are open to local brewery pop up tents as well.

Please contact NANA Board Member and Events Chair, Morgan Rottinghaus, if you have any contacts or information. scopetto@msn.com or 917-683-0349.

Exact location in North Avondale will be announced with the upcoming flyer. We suggest everyone bringing some folding chairs or blankets to sit on and enjoy the food, music, fun and festivities.

North Avondale Yard Sale – Saturday, June 5th from 8am – 2pm

It’s time for Spring Cleaning and emptying out your house for the third annual community YARD SALE!!! If you are interested in participating, please look for a sign-up sheet from NANA Board Member and event chair, Laurie Pike. We will also be sending out a flyer via email and social media for anyone who wants to attend. This will be released in the month of May. Thank you, Laurie, for planning this event for our neighborhood and surrounding community residents. Rain date will be announced on the flyer.

Sidewalk Shenanigans – Friday, June 18th 6pm – 9pm

Let’s throw it back to the “Good Ole Days” when neighbors would hang out in the front yard or porch, laugh at the week’s events and watch the kids play.

We invite you to set up shop on the sidewalk with your favorite neighbors, turn on some tunes, set up some chairs, walk around and say hello to everyone, sip a cold beverage, share a cold beverage and enjoy the beautiful summer evening. Engage in HAPPINESS for HAPPY HOUR! Look out for a flyer with more details to plan ahead in May. Rain date will be announced on the flyer.

Garden Swap & Stroll – Saturday June 20th. Time and garden locations TBD

There will be a sign-up sheet posted on social media and sent in an email. We will also post the details of the Garden Swap & Stroll in a flyer. This is for anyone to attend or host. We have some incredible back yards and gardens in North Avondale! Rain Date will be announced on the flyer.

Future Events

All Future events will be posted in the Newsletter, Social Media, Email and on the NANA Website in May! If you have any questions, concerns or would like to plan or volunteer for an event, please contact NANA Board Member & Events Chair, Morgan Rottinghaus:

Email: scopetto@msn.com

Phone : 917.683.0349

Thank you again to everyone who participates, volunteers and supports our community events. We appreciate you!!

Keeping Community Strong,

Morgan Rottinghaus, Chair

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