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From the City & Nonprofits: Dec 2022

●2023 Neighborhood Summit

  • CALL FOR SPEAKERS: Deadline Dec 15, 2022
  • Event: Saturday March 11, 2023   Cintas, XU  

“A city is only as healthy as its least healthy neighborhood”  

We have seen the reports that have shown that where you live correlates to your health outcomes. In Cincinnati, whether it is measured by longevity, blood pressure, arthritis, or level of physical activity, we can see the disparity between neighborhoods. And these disparities directly correlate to poverty levels, racial inequity and access to transportation, jobs, stable housing, healthy foods and other interrelated factors. 

This year’s Summit will discuss what is needed to be healthy neighborhoods with topics such as equity of access to opportunities, economic sustainability, safe and healthy housing; access to affordable food, health care, green spaces, and public transportation; creating community connections and resiliency; and the importance of diversity and inclusion in each neighborhood. 

Some questions to be considered:

  • How do we define a healthy neighborhood?
  • How can we look at this holistically and work on the interrelated factors that contribute to a healthy neighborhood’?
  • What are the barriers to becoming a healthy neighborhood and how do we change that?
  • How do we measure outcomes in a way that shows sustainable change is occurring?


  • What are you (you, your organization, your neighborhood) doing to make healthier neighborhoods?
  • We want to see solutions (or possible solutions) – policies, programs, and projects – that work, regardless of scale, and understand how to measure change

Call for speakers:

Please tell us how your session idea fits with the theme. We encourage multi-speaker sessions and/or panels with time for audience interaction or discussion. Let us know if this is a presentation, panel, or a workshop

Please note this is a preliminary call to hear your ideas. Final titles and abstracts will be asked for after initial selection.

This call for speakers will close Thursday December 15, 2022

  My name is Grace Thanasiu and I recently joined the team at ArtWorks as the Recruitment and Hiring Coordinator. ArtWorks is a local nonprofit with a mission to create community-based public art that provides career opportunities for artists of all ages.

I’m writing today to let you know that ArtWorks is expanding its mural production studio program, launched in 2022, and is seeking ten (10) Junior Muralists who will have a year-long opportunity to fulfill a range of client services with a focus on mural design and production under the guidance of the Mural Studio Managers.

Job Title: Junior Muralist

Salary Range: $15.28 per hour (up to 12 hours per week)

Job Type: Part Time, Non-Exempt, Ages 18-24

Location: ArtWorks Solway Studios, 424 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214 

Reports to: Mural Studio Managers

Start date: January 23, 2023

End date: December 2023, with an opportunity to extend for another year 

To read more concerning this job Click Here

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is Friday, December 16, 2022, at 9:00 pm EST.

For more information, the complete job description is available here. If you have any questions about the position or the application, please feel free to email me directly so I can clear up any uncertainty before the application deadline on December 16th. Thank you for your time and help in promoting this opportunity at ArtWorks and for all you do for young people in our community.

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