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● Large trash pickup started June 1. For more information click here

● Victory Garden Individual Borrowing Program

Victory Gardens came into popularity during World War I and World War II in an effort to ease the pressure that was placed on the public food supply. Individuals were encouraged to plant fruits and vegetables on their own and on public land. The effects of COVID-19 have resulted in a similar burden on our food supply, and as a result we are encouraging community members to empower themselves through the construction their own food gardens.

The Cincinnati ToolBank will be opening a gardening-specific inventory for individuals to borrow in order to construct and maintain a victory garden. Tools will be available to borrow through October 31st.

Please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Samantha Norton, at 513.246.0015. Or for a quicker response, please email her at  samantha.norton@toolbank.org  to learn more about our guidelines, available tools and to apply for this exciting pilot program.

● Zoom and listen to Black Flowers


Fill out the Census online at: https://my2020census.gov/ or by phone (1.844.330.2020). Mail-in questionnaires can also be requested.

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