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From Your Neighbors Nov 2022

Fall is here and winter is coming. However, Eden Urban Gardens will continue to have produce into December and beyond! Lots of new items including salad mixes, microgreens, herbs, and more! Home delivery and pick up are available. We want you to be healthy and eat tasty organic produce! We appreciate your support of our small woman-owned farm into the winter season. Thank you.

To Order click on: https://app.barn2door.com/edenurbangardens/all

This week’s new Organic Produce:

  • Romaine Lettuce Heads
  • Green Giant Salad & Pea Shoot Mix
  • Radishes bunches-great sauté in butter greens & roots
  • Super Salad mix of shoots & herbs
  • Pea Shoots Microgreens
  •  Cilantro Microgreens
  • Celery bunches- slender stalks, robust leaves & stalk flavor!
  • Spicy Mustard Greens- both red & green available
  • 3 Herb Mix: Rosemary, Parsley & Dill!
  • Organic Eggs from our partner farm- Dale Filbrun Farm

Farm Box Subscriptions & 10 Week Winter CSA (Prepaid Option for csa available)

  • 10 weeks CSA still has some openings available- $250 for 10 weeks, prepaid discount,  
  • weekly payment options for csa is $27/wk
  • Small & Large Farm Box Subscriptions will continue throughout the winter $24/wk small farm box, $38/wk large farm box subscriptions
  • Holiday break Dec 16th-end of January, details on store website 

Other Goodies:

  • Homemade banana bread- made by us, delicious!
  • Local honey (sustainably raised) Bee Haven, a great boost for wellness!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us by email, text or phone. We are honored to serve you!

With Gratitude,

April Pandora, Urban Farmer
Enriching Lives Through Organic Produce
Phone/text: 513.485.2679
To order:  https://app.barn2door.com/e/9YGlr/all

Re: Clover

Not a word from neighbors 

NO to Clover as I have since learned that it is Deer favorite food !

Will explore alternative trial of thyme.

Mel Nizny (Rose Hill), Melmind@aol.com

Piano Lessons 

I’m accepting new piano students (age 6 through adults) at my North Avondale home studio as of November, 2022. I teach students from beginning to advanced levels in all genres of music from classical through jazz and popular forms. Your initial interview/lesson is free.

I’m a classically trained pianist, composer and music educator with a career that has spanned both Europe and the United States. My teaching credentials include: Butler University, Indianapolis, 1968 – 1973 / Munich (Germany) Conservatory (Hochschule für Musik, 1977 – 1982 / Xavier University, Cincinnati, 1994 till present / Concerts/master classes & music seminars throughout the US and Europe, 1977 till present / Jazz concerts and club dates, 1977 till present.

Please give me a call (or text) at: 513-252-3366 or email me: jameshartcole@gmail.com

Jim Hart (Valley Lane) 

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