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Introducing NANA’s 2024-2025 Executive Board

Sarah Koucky (President 2022-2024) recognized 2023-24 NANA Executive Board members for their hours of volunteer service at the NANA Annual Meeting held at the Belvedere meeting room, May 5, 2024. Two board members, Robin Senser and Patrice Watson, have served the maximum of four years each and were recognized for their service with a certificate of appreciation and a new neighborhood flag.

The Nominating Committee presented the new slate of officers for the 2024-25 year. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen family medical circumstance, Troy Robinson resigned at the end of at the beginning of June and according to the bylaws, assigned Dawn Johnson as President. This leaves an open Board position for anyone that is interested in participating in our neighborhood council.

  • President: Dawn Johnson
  • 1st Vice President: Sandesh Samdaria
  • 2nd Vice President: OPEN
  • 3rd Vice President: Rocco Rossi
  • Recording Secretary: Bob Brockman
  • Corresponding Secretary: Sarah Koucky
  • Treasurer: Alex Ciudinovschi

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