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Law & Safety: September 2021

Update: Double STOP signs have been painted at the new “all stop” area, Clinton Springs and E. Mitchell. The city is going to change the corner near the stop sign to make it a sharper L shape, so it’s more difficult to roll through. The message board is going to take a while to receive. There is a global shortage of LED lights. 

Clinton Springs Bump outs were installed at Clinton Springs/Leyman, Clinton Springs/Dickson. Bump Outs are added to intersections to narrow the crossing distance for pedestrians & encourages the drivers to slow down. They are great but there have been some complaints because it is hard to see at night and cars have gone over the curb where it comes out into the road. (see the image) As a result, we have requested the City help solve this problem with curb reflectors or an other alternative to solve the problem.

Carolyn Gillman, Chair 

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