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NANA Adopt-A-Pot fundraising program to supplement 2024 increased costs

A new year is here and the North Avondale Neighborhood (NANA) and Business Associations (NABA) are very excited to partner again with Cincinnati Parks on maintenance of the Reading Road flower pots. Cincinnati Parks has a history of creating some fabulous pots as evidenced by their beauty through the seasons last year.

The Cincinnati Parks provides half of the funding to maintain these flower pots. The Parks has increased the cost to flower pot program by over 50%, which supports three seasonal displays, on-going maintenance and watering. In order to cover the other half of the increased costs, NANA is asking for private donations of $250 per pot from the generous residents and businesses of North Avondale through the new Adopt-A-Pot program. This year, donations are needed more than ever to sustain the program for our neighborhood due to rising costs in materials and supplies.

Why should you consider contributing to the $250 Adopt-A-Pot program?

  • The presence of the flower pots welcomes new people and current residents to our neighborhood along its most visible thoroughfare, Reading Road.
  • Sponsoring or adopting a pot shows the civic passion evident throughout our community which is known for being Cincinnati’s Best Address.
  • Your donation is tax deductible and will be used solely for the upkeep and maintenance of the pots.

Thank you to the following neighbors for their generous support of the Adopt-A-Pot Program:

  • Belvedere Condominiums c/o Bob Brockman
  • Brian Stettler and Erin McDonough (Rose Hill)
  • Nick and Emily Brown (Rose Hill)
  • Heather and Jeff Herr (Betula)
  • Beth and Brooks Ewing (Winding Way)
  • Maura and Miles Wolf (Lenox)
  • Mary and Don Dudrow (Lenox)
  • Raymond D. Harten (Lenox)
  • Jefferson and Marty James (Betula)
  • Sarah and Walter Koucky (Rose Hill)
  • Vanessa and Dave Wong (Winding Way)
  • Dorothy Shaffer / Full Spectrum Health Center (Reading)
  • Lauren and Matt Amos (Rose Hill)
  • 26 flower pots line Reading Road changing seasonally and maintained by the City of Cincinnati

You can donate online at https://northavondalecincinnati.com/donate/

To designate your donation to the Adopt-A-Pot program, check “Beautification.” In the box that asks “Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your donation?”, please fill in Flower Pots / Adopt-A-Pot program.

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