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NANA & NABA Holiday Community Social

Many thanks to all who attended the NANA and NABA holiday community social and joint general meeting. We closed out and celebrated the year together on December 13, 2022. It was great seeing so many community members reconnecting and engaging—in person—while enjoying the delicious food and festive holiday punch from Jennifer Hughes, LLC. The meeting and community social were especially appreciated by all after last year’s virtual meetings. It was great to see so many North Avondale residents turnout for the event. Thank you for all you do to make North Avondale shine!

Best wishes for a great year ahead North Avondale!
Maura Wolf, NABA President, and J Miles Wolf

A Huge THANK YOU to Sarah Koucky, NANA President, for her great leadership and to Bob and Janet Banks, long-term resident volunteers for their unwavering civic engagement! (Photo, J Miles Wolf)
Great to have the wonderful NA Rec Center and NAM staff join us!  We especially appreciate their help with setting up the Event and always lending a hand at our monthly meetings and events with the biggest smiles! (Photo, J Miles Wolf)

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