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Recap and photo gallery: NANA SKY KIDS February 2024

We completed another SKY youth program in February. This program was for the age group 8-12 years old. We had seven kids join the program. They learned a few breathing techniques, played lots of games and talked about human values like kindness, respect, and friendliness. Our next program of this series will be offered on Memorial Day weekend. Please find the details here.

Children learned tools and skills to:

  • Release stress and negative emotion
  • Boost concentration and memory
  • Build self-confidence
  • Handle peer pressure and bullying
  • Strengthen human values and social skills

When children know how to manage their own stress and emotions, they’re able to excel in all areas of life and their natural talents can emerge.

Many parents and kids notice they’re more creative, their performance in school and sports improves and they are better at navigating relationships. As a result, their leadership abilities blossom, and they’re able to be of service and help others in their community.

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