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New Crosswalk on Mitchell at Roger Bacon Stadium: May 2022

Roger Bacon has a large parking lot of 200 spaces off E Mitchell Av. They currently do not allow students to park there in fear of them crossing E Mitchell Av without a crosswalk. There is a crosswalk at the intersection of E Mitchell Av and Vine St, but the students will not walk to the corner to use it.

What prompted this:

District Five NLU, and St Bernard Police have been receiving complaints of Roger Bacon students parking illegally along the streets on the District Five side of Vine St and the surrounding side streets. 

A meeting was set up with the school principal and DOTE engineer Curtis Hines. There is a City of Cincinnati-approved crosswalk and traffic calming plan that can be used. This will bring a section of E Mitchell Av down to two lanes of travel for a half block causing cars to slow down and then there will be a crosswalk installed at approximately 40 E Mitchell Av.

The projected cost is approximately $75,000. Per DOTE there currently is no funding for this project.

It will be beneficial for St Bernard, Roger Bacon, and North Avondale Community.  

I am hoping this project can be looked at and find funding. St Bernard may have resources that can be allocated as well as it enters their side of E Mitchell Av. 

I am working with City Hall to try and allocate some funding for this project.

I would like to advise North Avondale of the proposal at the June 14 meeting to get a feel for your input.

Below are the plans provided by DOTE.

Thank you in advance,

Sgt. Jeffrey J Meister S723
Cincinnati Police Department
District Four Neighborhood Liaison Unit

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