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North Avondale COVID Garden Stroll

The Garden Stroll that I quickly put together (in less than 3 weeks) to give neighbors something safe to do, away from their homes, turned out better than I could have anticipated! Neighbors were so generous in offering their gardens and I want to say a special thank you to them here: Burton Woods Lane-Sue and Ben Blaney; Marion Avenue-The Messer Family; Winding Way-Sue Kenford and Jim Heubner; Rose Hill Avenue-Lois and Mel Nizny, Richard Jackson, Maria and Robert Krzeski, Jack Emery and Thomas Cochill, Kim and Jeff Geoppinger; Betula Ave-Bob and Marian Pitcairn; Beechwood Avenue-Jim Miller (and myself), John Hinger and Bryan Goodpaster. The Mitchell Triangle Park cared for by the Belvedere was also featured. Our publicity team of Leslie Druley and Carolyn Gillman both of Redbud Ave, and Sarah Rich on Rose Hill helped me get the word out. 

Gardens featured on June 14, 2020 included a fabulous rain garden, several ponds, delightful shade gardens, formal gardens, and small arboretums! The Stroll included gardens of different sizes, terrains and plant material. It was fun to learn what others liked the best about each of our gardens! I for one had to brush up on the names of the plants in mine!

 The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a steady stream of visitors, upwards of 100, all afternoon. Most wore masks and I observed careful social distancing! Several additional neighbors offered their gardens post deadline time and I hope to be able to include them (and you!) should we all decide to do another Stroll in 2021—Hopefully not a Covid one!! Please let me, Jolene Struebbe, know if you might be interested! (Now you’ll have a whole year to get ready!)  jmstruebbe@gmail.com

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