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North Avondale litter and weed control needs YOU!

NANA maintains the Dana Roundabout and is looking for neighbors to help keep it looking nice. Ann Wong (Redway), Emily Harten and I garden in the Seasongood Square Gardens. We occasionally move around the neighborhood during our weekly Wednesday gardening day to areas in need.

Most recently, we cleaned up the Dana roundabout and prepared that garden for winter. We picked up over (6) five-gallon buckets full of trash along Clinton Springs up to the intersection with Reading Rd. This area needs constant attention. We are looking for help in the gardens and the litter pick up along Dana, Reading Rd, Clinton Springs and Mitchell Avenues. These are key thoroughfares in North Avondale and are often the first glimpse non-residents experience in our community.

We are fortunate to have one of the first roundabouts within city limits. The Dana Ave. roundabout was completed in 2015 replacing an all-way-stop with an all-way-yield. While roundabouts are a staple in Europe and on the east coast, they are still few and far between in our region and in the city. Find out more how roundabouts impact safety and traffic flow in this free article published by cincinnati.com in 2017: Northside, are you ready for a roundabout?

Consider expanding your daily walk and family activities to include picking up trash or picking weeds. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful partners with many neighborhood associations and provides free garbage pickers for anyone who would like to join in the satisfying fun. These are great family activities that teach our children the importance of caring for our shared areas.

Let the NANA Beautification Committee know if you are available by indicating your interest using the online volunteer form or email: nana@northavondalecincinnati.com.

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