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North Avondale Master Plan Update

The North Avondale Master Plan development process continues to move forward. The city of Cincinnati has contracted with Urban Fast Forward (UFF) to provide support for creating our new plan. Gabrielle (Abby) Couch is the city planner that is in charge of our plan. Couch attended the September meeting to discuss UFFs questions and our priorities. We have since received an outline for the support work UFF will provide.

Items discussed as priorities include:

  • Business district redevelopment
  • Transportation, walkability, bicycle pathways and safety
  • Greenspace, reforestation and our public spaces and parks
  • Xavier University’s impact on the community
  • Concerns for preservation of historical character

We are projecting that the plan will begin to move forward at an accelerated pace. We will soon be asking for support and participation in our survey of goals and direction for the future.

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