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North Avondale Montessori: June 2022

North Avondale Montessori 
615 Clinton Springs

NAM Garden & Trails Cleanup

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our NAM Parent Volunteers, and the NAM Faculty Staff – this past week was chalked full of NAM community events, and you all did a tremendous job in answering the call to help. Together the community was able to reclaim and beautify our outdoor classroom, trails and garden, celebrate our 6th Graders for completing their journey at NAM, and saw the return of our community favorite – Field Day! The smiles, laughter and sharing in these community events with one another is what truly makes NAM special, and it was great that we could finally return to these events after having been on a hiatus due to COVID-19.

Thank you all for helping to make these community events happen!

Amy Yosmali

Six Grade Graduation

Thank you to all the wonderful faculty and volunteers for making this beautiful evening a special celebration for our 6th Graders!

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