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NSP Grant 2020

NANA receives City money through the Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) for projects and activities that enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood. For 2020, NANA has the potential to receive $7.987 which we will divide into two categories.

The categories for our projects and activities are: Membership & Communication (Database, Email, Connections, Membership Events & Outreach, NANA News, Website) and we are seeking approval for $3,000 for this category and the Look and Feel (Block Watch, Clean-up & Beautification, Environmental Affairs, Land Development & Improvement, Law & Safety, Strategic Development, Traffic Studies, Zoning) and we are seeking approval for $4,987 for this category. Though we can propose new categories, the majority of projects that are proposed to the Board, fit within these categories.

Please send any ideas or comments to NANA or attend the Tuesday, October 13 NANA General Meeting where we will vote on this funding request

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