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PHOTO GALLERY: North Avondale Montessori Playfield progress update

Check out the new improvements to the NAM Playfield! NAM students and neighborhood families are enjoying the new playground and ball field improvements with a few more playground pieces on the way. The new ADA compliant drinking fountain was recently installed that even includes a drinking spot for our furry friends. The Americans with Disabilities Act, enacted in 1990, commonly known as “the ADA” is a law that protects people with disabilities in many areas of public life. The ADA access to the baseball field is complete. These thoughtful and important improvements will provide all our neighbors with equal access to the fields.

If you drive by—or better still, park in the lot and take a quick stroll to check out the improvements—and see the work underway as the City Recreation department completes the installs of the baseball dugouts. The last few improvements will include the port-o-let enclosure to rework that area to keep mud off the parking lot and allow for better access. The tennis / pickleball court renovation is in progress, to be asphalted soon, weather permitting; then a color coat added in the spring during the warmer weather. The final improvement that was funded was a new North Avondale Recreation sign. More details on the new signage to come.

It’s exciting to see so many exciting things happening in this important public space.

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