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President’s Message: March 2022

Friends and Neighbors of North Avondale:

The sun is starting to shine brighter, the sky is getting bluer, grass is growing and becoming greener, and there is a sense of something new and exciting; Spring is most certainly in the air! With NANA Board Elections right around the corner in May, this is also the time of year that we begin to turn to the Nominating Committee to begin adding names to the ballot. We are looking for some new and fresh and exciting North Avondale stakeholders to throw their names in the hat to help us continue the NANA Board’s mission and vision for our neighborhood. Please email, call, and/or text to add your name to the ballot.

We are also looking for individuals who would like to join the new North Avondale Event Planning Committee. We are looking for a chair to put together a team of individuals to assist NANA with planning and executing a calendar of neighborhood events throughout the year. NANA has secured sufficient funding (for this initiative) through a recent grant that has been allocated for the purpose of a year long calendar of neighborhood events. So, now we are now hoping for some volunteers that can help us with our event planning initiatives. Please reach out to me if you have an interest in the new and fun committee opportunity.

Please join us at the NANA general meeting both in person and zoom to discuss important topics such as the proposed increased density zoning city wide and more. Also (upcoming) this month, don’t forget to change your clocks this upcoming weekend as we spring forward and gain more daylight at the end of the day.

Heather Herr, President NANA

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