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President’s Message: November 2021

Neighbors and Friends of North Avondale:

Please help me welcome Dr. Colleen Hanycz, the President of Xavier University to North Avondale. Dr. Hanycz is the 35th and first female president to Xavier University with an incredible background. I had the honor of speaking a few lines to welcome Dr. Hanycz on behalf of North Avondale Neighborhood Association at the Presidential inauguration and installment Thursday October 28th at The Cintas Center. I also was joined with Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman, Victor Schneider, Mayor of Norwood and James Stallworth, Evanston Community Council President. 

Xavier has been an institution of higher learning in Cincinnati for 190 years. Xavier became a part of North Avondale when it moved up the hill in 1921. We have enjoyed their soccer games echoing through our neighborhood on Friday evenings, ROTC students running up and down our streets, and Xavier students babysit for us and live among us on many streets all over neighborhood. We are thrilled that Dr. Hanycz and any future Xavier President will also truly call North Avondale her home and community. 

I am excited to announce that NANA was approved for the Neighborhood Activation Fund (NAF) award for $10,000. If you have any ideas or suggestion for future community events, let us know.

Thank you to volunteers: Beth Ewing, Tania Carreon-Valencia, Caroline Gillman and Charlene Morse for their hard work in making candidates night a success. (see article below for a list of candidates who attended). More attendance from the neighborhood would have been appreciated.

Heather Herr, President NANA

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