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President’s Message: September 2021

Friends and Neighbors of North Avondale:

Com·mu·ni·ty – a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

I’m so proud of how our neighborhood has come together in so many ways this summer as a community through multiple events that were heavily attended by all that live here as well as coming together passionately to overcome challenges that many of us felt may try to alter everything that so many of us have worked towards over the years.

In my 20+ years in North Avondale, I can’t remember a time when the feeling of fellowship has been stronger because I believe almost all of us in North Avondale share common attitudes interests and goals.

Please make sure to mark your calendar’s for the annual block party on Rose Hill on September 18 and I look forward to celebrating our community achievements this summer with all of you that participate in this great event.

Heather Herr, President NANA

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