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Progress update at the North Avondale playfield

NANA is excited to see the progress of the North Avondale playfield and new playground located at the North Avondale Recreation Center and North Avondale Montessori School at 617 Clinton Springs Avenue.

The Cincinnati Recreation Department is working to update the public space and make it more user-friendly for families of the neighborhood and school. You may have noticed all the activity on the fields which include:

  • a D-size baseball field
  • a B-size baseball field
  • a soccer field

These playfields can be busy with lots of families and practice teams enjoying this improving community space.

The Recreation Department plans to finish installing the picnic tables, benches and bleachers. The sports dugouts, enclosures for the port-o-lets and the new sign at the entrance are in process and expected to be completed soon.

The proposed improvements to the tennis courts and soccer mini-pitch along Fred Shuttlesworth Ave. are on hold for additional funding.

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