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Recreation: Summer 2020

North Avondale Recreation Center
617 Clinton Springs Ave.

  • North Avondale Recreation Center is open Monday thru Friday. 9 am to 7 pm
  • 3 at a time are allowed in the Fitness Center
  • 10 in the gym by appointment only 
  • Free Snack for 18 and under but kids do not have to be present 10:30-5:30
  • Please do not use our dumpster for personal/home trash. Our dumpster has become so full that we can not empty the trash from our Rec Center. Also, Rumpke will not empty the dumpster if there is trash outside the dumpster or it is overflowing and not closed, thank you, CRC Staff. 

Matthew Brown, Community Center Director


Hirsch Recreation Center
3620 Reading Road

  • Hirsch summer day camp is full.
  • Hirsch’s pool opened June 8th, there is a reservation process. Participants call the center 751.3393 to schedule a block of swim time.
  • No fitness start dates yet, stay tuned.

Blake Williams, Service Area Coordinator

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