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Rupel Property Update: Summer 2022

NANA recently learned that The Port closed on the sale of the historic Rupel property at the corner of Lenox Place and Reading to Rosemary’s Babies Co. (RBC) where the non-profit intends to create a transitional housing facility and resource center for teen parents and their infants.

  •  The City and The Port did not honor the agreements with NANA and NABA, nor did they negotiate in good faith on the disposition of the Rupel Property governed by city approved business district plans. 
  • NANA and North Avondale Business Association (NABA) provided $30,000 in the stabilization agreement with the City and the Port, where they agreed to retain title, stabilize the property, rebuild the porch, and to consult directly with NANA and NABA on the sale and redevelopment of the property.  
  • The City and the Port ignored NANA and NABA’s request to offer the property to a minority-owned successful small business, that submitted a viable bid proposal to redevelop the property to expand current operations. This Minority owned business was perfectly aligned with our city-approved business district plans, offering retail goods and services to the neighborhood residents. 
  •  RBC’s proposal does not conform with our city-approved business district plans. In addition, North Avondale is already significantly over impacted with non-profit and for-profit institutions providing transitional housing and subsidized housing.

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