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September 2021 NANA Featured Garden- 413 E Mitchell Avenue

Welcome to the backyard patio at 413 E. Mitchell Ave, at the corner of Lowry and Mitchell Avenue, and home of Michael Marsh and Melvina Chapman. Mike and Melvina moved to North Avondale 16 years ago from Walnut Hills and didn’t even know their new home had a back yard when they moved in. There was a very small patio and seating area and lots of very tall (10 foot high) honeysuckle. Mike wanted more places to sit, so they began cleaning out and enlarging the space. In 2018 they redid the hardscape by having these three-dimensional pavers installed.

In addition, they choose all of their plants by themselves. These include: crimson pygmy barberry, moon shadow euonymus, Japanese barberry, Green Velvet and Winter Gem boxwoods, Colorado Blue Spruce, dwarf red oak, Montgomery dwarf spruce, and purple leaf sand cherry to name a few!

This generous space is perfect for hosting large gatherings, but still feels intimate. In fact, neighbors on Park, Dickson, and Lowry were treated to the space when Mike hosted the Lowry Street Block Party recently. As a fellow conifer lover, this garden caught my eye. Be sure to slow down when you are out for a drive and take a look!

Jolene Struebbe. Beautification Chair

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